10 April 2009

websites I check in on

Thought provoking reads, useful links to information & images
     This is what you'll get here. I post links and my thoughts about websites + blogs I find interesting. Entries are added according to my own curious and eccentric classification system.
     You may suggest new links using the "Comments" feature, or e-mail me. I'll review and place in a category that makes sense to me. Constructive suggestions on how I can better classify links will be appreciated, though may or may not be acted upon, depending.
     I also include some very basic technical stuff on managing web page design, such as HTML coding, color classification charts or discussions about fonts and layout.
     The intent is to be more focused than what you might have come to expect from my Blogspot Short Notes and Rondacker LiveJournal sites.
     Hope you'll find these entries useful.

     Please note: ANY efforts at inundating this links site with spammer sites, junk mail or commercials for your favorite product or cause shall be deleted and the offending party shall be barred from posting in the future. As that goes, commenters shall be expected to identify themselves when posting their thoughts, observations or opinion. No anonymous postings permitted.

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