29 April 2009


It doesn't really matter whether or not I believe in conspiracies; suffice it to say many people do accept conspiracy theories as unrefuted fact. No matter the POV - be it left, right, papist, anti-catholic, corporate and state elites, populist rants - conspiracy theories abound. Here are but a handful of conspiracy sites that I find interesting.

 • Above Top Secret. Quote: "the Internet's largest and most popular discussion board community dedicated to the intelligent exchange of ideas and debate on a wide range of "alternative topics" such as conspiracies, UFO's, paranormal, secret societies, political scandals, new world order, terrorism, and dozens of related topics..."

 • Axis of Corporate Evil. A classic Dubya and Big Dick Cheney are taking us all to Hell! Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to have been updated since, maybe, 2003.

 • Ayn Rand Institute. What else but a site devoted to the popularizer of John Galt; acolyte of "Objectivism" glorification of the individual and unfettered Capitalism and the so-called "free market"

 • Bilderberg; "the High Priests of Globalization." Here's one that makes a connection between the Bush family and Adolph Hitler via the secret Yale University "Skull and Bones" Society.

 • Great Dreams! From "...who killed JFK?" to "Why didn't anybody report that the collapse of the World Trade Towers on 9/11 was a controlled demolition"? A whole panalopy of late 20th Century conspiracy tales, and the evidence behind them.

 • The Illuminati. Recently popularized in films like The Da Vinci Files, this is Jesuits and International Bankers intent on destroying the world.

 • Psychic reader Ellie Crystal's Conspiracies and Mystery School Teachings. From Area 51 and Roswell to Secret Societies; but the focus seems to be more on UFO suppression ideas.

 • Reverse Panopticon. There is no privacy anymore. From the creators of Cryptome and Cartome, long dogged investigators into the murky alphabet soup of agencies like the OSS, CIA, KGB, NSA, Homeland Security. Wandering about the factual reporting fount on these other two sites, it becomes difficult to debunk conspiracy theories at all.

 • Trufax. I suspect that the originators of this site - the "Leading Edge International Research Group" do not see their perspective as based on conspiracies, as much as it is a description of actual current events. Nevertheless, there ii still a paranoic buzz here. The site's Introduction spells out what you'll find.

 • The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Published "anonymously" some time in the late 19th Century, The Protocols was an Anti-Semetic screed first edited and publicized in Russia in 1903 by Pavel Krushevan, the instigator of an infamous pogrom. It was published to blame the Jews for Russia's embarrassing defeat in the Russo-Japanese War. Later it was used in opposition to the Russian Revolution of 1905, the October Revolution (1917), and the peace negotiations at the end of World War I. Protocols was eventually published in English in the United States, but the bad guys became Bolsheviks. Reading just some of the chapters, like the one on preparing for power or another on controlling the Press, conjure up images of Rupert Murdoch and Cheney [again]. Gotta wonder.

IMAGE SOURCES: Top Right: Socyberty entry on "The Red Menace". It was actually once a Scott Towels advertisement; Lower Left: Gustavé Dore, an illustration from Dante's Inferno found at WikiMedia Commons

12 April 2009

aboriginal peoples + cultures

The interest in aboriginal peoples and cultures stems, for me, from the belief that "First Peoples" who remain possess a world of knowledge - from herbal medicines and healthy foods, to the rhythms and cycles of nature, and an understanding of the Spirit Realm. The conqueror cultures have worked hard to eradicate, albeit intentional [vis - the European conquest of the Americas] or by accident [e.g. exposing people to diseases from which the conquerors had become immune].
     There is still much that can be learned, and a surprising amount remaining that can be preserved so to provide humanity some much needed guidance for our future. The links here include sites by and about indigenous peoples, as well as sites that tell where to learn about the lore and skills that urban cultures so quickly dismiss as "primitive" when, in fact, they are not.
 • Action for Aboriginal Rights | AU

 • Aboriginal Arts Centre | AU
 • Aboriginal Studies + Culture | AU
 • Canadian Aboriginal Festival | CA
 • First People of the Americas | CA + US
 • National Association of
   Friendship Centres
| CA
 • Turtle Island Native Network | CA

[tribal law]
 • Tribal Law Journal | US
 • Tribal Justice Resource Center | NA

[learning centres]
 • Alba Wilderness School | CA
 • Center for Indigenous Nations Studies
 • Tom Brown's Tracker School | US
 • Wilderness Awareness School

 • Primitive Ways
 • Primitive Way's Reading List
 • Society of Primitive Technology

[other links]
 • Bill's Aboriginal Links | CA

IMAGE SOURCES: [l] Steer Head and Feathers dream catcher from True Tribal; [r] Margaret Preston, an Australian artist. Published in The Age.com.au, 15 nov 2005

10 April 2009

websites I check in on

Thought provoking reads, useful links to information & images
     This is what you'll get here. I post links and my thoughts about websites + blogs I find interesting. Entries are added according to my own curious and eccentric classification system.
     You may suggest new links using the "Comments" feature, or e-mail me. I'll review and place in a category that makes sense to me. Constructive suggestions on how I can better classify links will be appreciated, though may or may not be acted upon, depending.
     I also include some very basic technical stuff on managing web page design, such as HTML coding, color classification charts or discussions about fonts and layout.
     The intent is to be more focused than what you might have come to expect from my Blogspot Short Notes and Rondacker LiveJournal sites.
     Hope you'll find these entries useful.

     Please note: ANY efforts at inundating this links site with spammer sites, junk mail or commercials for your favorite product or cause shall be deleted and the offending party shall be barred from posting in the future. As that goes, commenters shall be expected to identify themselves when posting their thoughts, observations or opinion. No anonymous postings permitted.

collage art + artists

Writer Donald Barthelme (1831 - 1989) once said that "...the principle of collage is the central principle of all art in the twentieth century." In fact, interest in collage as a means of expression continues strong into the 21st century as well. Forthwith, here are some links to discussion of this art form as well as collagists who have become renowned.
[about collage]
 • Wikipedia on Collage

[collage websites]
 • collage art.com
 • National Collage Society

 • agraphie
 • Gèrard Bertrand - an homage to Kafka, Proust and Hitchcock
 • Michel Bezman
 • Kirsten Gran
 • Mike Koppa
 • Jonathan Talbot
 • Mitzi Trachtenberg

[postcard collage]
 • Ray Johnson
 • Post Secret - anonymous collage project

 • David Brady

 • Artchive on Joseph Cornell

 • Apostolos

 • John Chamberlain at Marfa
 • Louise Nevelson
 • Robert Rauschenberg and his Combines

[collage collectives]
 • Collage Artists of America mostly west coast
 • Global Collage


07 April 2009

type faces, typography + design

[typography tools]
 • DaFont's Free Downloadable Typefaces
 • Linotype's Font Explorer X
 • Typo Generator

[layout + design]
 • ITC's U&lc magazine
 • Mr. Toad's Layout tips. you need to already know something about typesetting, this helps when talking to printers

My friend Pat asked for some links to typesetting and design. Finding sites that offer free downloadable fonts, that's easy; discovering something that helps to properly design a project - a newsletter, for example - harder to come by. I'll keep looking

05 April 2009

reference links

   dictionaries, grammar sites, and other online language resources
[English Language]
 • Acronym Finder
 • Blogossary
 • One Look's Dictionary Search
 • Etymological Dictionary
 • JURIST: Legal Dictionary
 • Rhymer: The Rhyming Dictionary
 • Slang City Dictionary
 • Word Spy "The word lover's guide to new words"
 • Thesaurus
 • Emily Dickenson's Lexicon
 • Indeterminacy
 • Poem Hunter
[Other Languages]
 • Jennifer's Language Page

   encyclopedias, fact checkers, atlases,cartography
[encyclopedae, etc]
 • About
 • CIA World Factbook
 • RefDesk
 • Project Gutenberg
 • Project Gutenberg - 2004
 • Questia

 • Wikipedia
 • Nation Master
[atlases, maps]
 • U S Census Bureau Maps
 • USGS Land and Map

   important documents
[civil/human rights protections]
 • Bill O'Rights

 • Magna Carta
 • Unversal Declaration of Human Rights

   postal codes and snail mail info
[postal codes]
 • Canadian Postal Codes
 • International Postal Codes

 • USA Zip Codes
 • Universal Postal Union

 • Foote's Forecasts
 • NOAA National Weather Service | USA

 • Weather Channel
 • The Weather Underground

   measurement tools and conversion charts
[Weights and Measures]
 • Measurement Conversion Charts

 • RefDesk's weights and measures resources

   language translation sites
 • Babelfish Translation Service

 • IM Translator Translation Service


04 April 2009

html coding tools

[basic information]
 • Page Tutor's HTML Basics
 • Quackit.com's free HTML code
[codes for special characters]
 • Alan Wood's Unicode + Multilingual Support in HTML
 • Alan Wood's HTML special character codes
 • WebDesign's ASCII special character codes
[html color codes]
 • Hex Hub's Color Codes
 • Page Tutor's 1536 Colors Chart
 • CSS Zen Garden