12 April 2009

aboriginal peoples + cultures

The interest in aboriginal peoples and cultures stems, for me, from the belief that "First Peoples" who remain possess a world of knowledge - from herbal medicines and healthy foods, to the rhythms and cycles of nature, and an understanding of the Spirit Realm. The conqueror cultures have worked hard to eradicate, albeit intentional [vis - the European conquest of the Americas] or by accident [e.g. exposing people to diseases from which the conquerors had become immune].
     There is still much that can be learned, and a surprising amount remaining that can be preserved so to provide humanity some much needed guidance for our future. The links here include sites by and about indigenous peoples, as well as sites that tell where to learn about the lore and skills that urban cultures so quickly dismiss as "primitive" when, in fact, they are not.
 • Action for Aboriginal Rights | AU

 • Aboriginal Arts Centre | AU
 • Aboriginal Studies + Culture | AU
 • Canadian Aboriginal Festival | CA
 • First People of the Americas | CA + US
 • National Association of
   Friendship Centres
| CA
 • Turtle Island Native Network | CA

[tribal law]
 • Tribal Law Journal | US
 • Tribal Justice Resource Center | NA

[learning centres]
 • Alba Wilderness School | CA
 • Center for Indigenous Nations Studies
 • Tom Brown's Tracker School | US
 • Wilderness Awareness School

 • Primitive Ways
 • Primitive Way's Reading List
 • Society of Primitive Technology

[other links]
 • Bill's Aboriginal Links | CA

IMAGE SOURCES: [l] Steer Head and Feathers dream catcher from True Tribal; [r] Margaret Preston, an Australian artist. Published in The Age.com.au, 15 nov 2005

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