10 April 2009

collage art + artists

Writer Donald Barthelme (1831 - 1989) once said that "...the principle of collage is the central principle of all art in the twentieth century." In fact, interest in collage as a means of expression continues strong into the 21st century as well. Forthwith, here are some links to discussion of this art form as well as collagists who have become renowned.
[about collage]
 • Wikipedia on Collage

[collage websites]
 • collage art.com
 • National Collage Society

 • agraphie
 • Gèrard Bertrand - an homage to Kafka, Proust and Hitchcock
 • Michel Bezman
 • Kirsten Gran
 • Mike Koppa
 • Jonathan Talbot
 • Mitzi Trachtenberg

[postcard collage]
 • Ray Johnson
 • Post Secret - anonymous collage project

 • David Brady

 • Artchive on Joseph Cornell

 • Apostolos

 • John Chamberlain at Marfa
 • Louise Nevelson
 • Robert Rauschenberg and his Combines

[collage collectives]
 • Collage Artists of America mostly west coast
 • Global Collage


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