13 February 2009


A Call to Economic Justice. American Labor Party Principles: "...our struggle for democracy pits us against a corporate elite that will fight hard to retain its powers and privileges. This is the struggle of our generation."

Class War - "Capitalism is an economic system run purely for profit in the interests of a small class - the capitalists - at the expense of a larger class - the working class." A treatise collectively authored by members of a British group calling themselves the Class War Federation, organization of groups and individuals who strive to improve the lot of working class people.

• Richard Gosden's Shrinking the Freedom of Thought: How Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Violates Basic Human Rights. "Involuntary mental patients [are] often ...incarcerated for indefinite periods without being charged with a criminal offence, interrogated, coerced into changing their thoughts and beliefs, subjected to painful and uncomfortable treatments if they cannot or will not ...[change] and denied freedom until their identity has been sufficiently modified. It is in this context that questions arise about whether certain psychiatric practices might routinely violate fundamental human rights. "

Abolition of Work. Written by philosopher and humorist Bob Black this essay maintains that when "work" equates with "employment" it stifles the creative impulse. He's not calling for an era of idleness, as much as asking people to unleash their full potential.

• Orcinus' Media Revolt: "The well-being of democracy ultimately depends on a well-informed electorate. As such, the role of the media in keeping the public properly informed is not merely vital, it is sacred."

Net Neutrality: Keeping the Internet equally accessible for all.

The Cluetrain Manifesto: Four authors, Christopher Locke, Rick Levine, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger, maintain that the Internet's potential for all to communicate with one another directly, shall radically change business and marketing and that large corporations, ultimately, will fall as a result.

• McKenzie Wark's A Hacker Manifesto "The arrest of the free flow of information means the enslavement of the world" ...and... "It is not just information that must be free, but the knowledge of how to use it."

Earth Charter: Promoting a just, equitable, sustainable global society founded on respect for the community, ecological integrity, universal human rights, multicultural diversity, economic justice, democracy, and a culture of peace.

• James M. Branum The Social Phenomenon of Blogs: Exploring the meaning and significance of the blogging phenomenon.

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